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Who Knew Instant Coffee was so Interesting?

Jun 30

Instant coffee is a staple in many homes. It's inexpensive, easy to prepare, and can be taken on the go if necessary. Instant coffee is typically made with roasted beans that have been ground into a powder form which are then mixed with hot water or milk. Instant coffee is also known as soluble coffee, freeze-dried coffee, and quick brew among other names. Instant coffee is shelf-stable, meaning they don't need refrigeration until after opening the container; this makes them convenient for emergency preparedness kits or camping trips. Instant coffees have long been popular in Europe where they were invented in 1907 by Gennaro Pellini of Turin, Italy but didn't become mainstream until World War II when rationing limited fresh coffee. Visit this link for more information.

The history of instant coffee

Instant coffee is called "instant" because it does not need to be brewed. The first instant coffees were marketed under the brand name Sanka and they would have been recognizable today as freeze-dried or soluble powders that had to mix with hot water. They were initially sold for use on camping trips so families could enjoy their morning cup of Joe without needing to boil water over an open fire. In 1938, Nestlé introduced Nescafé Gold Blend which became one of the most popular brands in the world due to its quality taste and convenience within seconds from opening a canister.


Why do people drink instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a popular choice for people who don't have the time to brew and enjoy an entire pot of hot, fresh grounds. It's also used by those with no access or limited ability to make coffee due to mobility issues such as in hospitals or on airplanes.

Instant coffee can be made at any time of day from anywhere since it doesn't require brewing - people drink instant coffee when they're camping, hiking, traveling across countries without easy access to a kitchenette, etc. Strong Instant Coffee has more caffeine than brewed coffees because you are extracting both solids and oils through boiling water rather than just soaking them up like when using ground beans. Instant Coffee isn’t quite as strong as its traditional counterpart.

How instant coffee is made

Instant coffee is made much like iced tea. Instant coffee starts with roasted, ground beans that are brewed and combined with hot water (or more commonly these days, boiled water).

It’s then filtered either by paper or cloth to remove the grinds from the drink. This results in a concentrated liquid form of instant coffee which can later be mixed with cold water to produce an iced beverage or diluted for use as regular boiling water such as when making drip-brew coffees at home.

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