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In terms of residential maintenance, homeowners have many options. You can opt for a basic low-cost service that involves will mowing your lawn or blow off the leaves. The operations are referred to as “mow blow away” by experts because their business model is based on quality over quantity. In this case knowledge, experience and experience are essential! It does not matter if a person can build you cabinets. However, someone who has received positive reviews from clients in the past is likely to be able to achieve this. Professional services are reliable and backed by a large number of customers not only in the local area but also around the world.

For homeowners in Georgetown Ky seeking quality and superior in lawn care, a full-service landscaping company is an ideal option.

What exactly is Full-Service Maintenance?

The expertise and knowledge required to do landscape work properly can be attained, however. This requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise as well as professional training. Maintaining a landscape’s optimal health requires more than regular maintenance using tools such as mowers or blowers on their own.

Regular fertilization, pruning, irrigation

Regular fertilizing, pruning and watering will ensure that your plants get the nutrients they require to flourish.

Landscape East & West uses a management program to schedule landscaping services for homeowners following the initial walkthrough. The calendar is utilized by our maintenance staff to make routing sheets. They make sure that your plants receive the right nutrients and are healthy throughout the through the year.

Expert visits

These “mow blow and go” landscaping services focus on speed. What speed do they have to get cleaning up after the yard? Based on this model of business, there isn’t much motivation to study pruning types of roses for example.

You can rest assured that Georgetown Landscaping and Tree Care Services is equipped with the expertise and expertise to take care of your lawn. “Full service” covers every aspect of landscaping and tree care.

Longer Life For Your Trees

Lawn mowers

We manage everything from soil balance to pruning, irrigation as well as other aspects of landscape maintenance. This allows us to extend the life span of your plants and trees due to economic reasons. This isn’t the case about lawn-only services that too often shave or cut plants until they have completely lost its natural shape and pattern of growth. By reducing the number of plants that need replacement, full-service landscaping can save you money.

Peace of mind and your work is done

If you’re in search of a full-service landscape maintenance company to maintain your lawn, hiring one is likely the best choice. We’ll take charge of everything! Georgetown KY lawn care service gives you peace of mind as well as an irrigation expert to make sure that your irrigation system is working efficiently during winterization.

A landscaping service can relieve stress from managing a variety of tasks, such as leaf picking, weeding, pruning and weeding. But, these services aren’t included in the weekly yard maintenance at average cost. It is still necessary to purchase and maintain expensive equipment.

If the season you had was not easy You can be sure that next year’s experience will be more pleasant.

Excellent service

Georgetown Landscaping and Tree Care Services is a full team of customer service experts that excel in every department. This includes managing the accounts of clients. Georgetown assigns an “account manager” to each lawn care and garden center business that they work with. This allows one expert to oversee the property’s health and to plan for its future. This relieves some pressure having someone else take care of these tasks while not interfering with our busy schedules as we’re in a position of being free.

Keep an eye out for Upcoming Days

A keen eye on the future is very necessary to have effective landscape maintenance. It helps keep it healthy and in a continuous state of improvement. The condition of your garden is monitored by your personal account manager. They’ll make suggestions to our experienced team to make any changes or updates that are required.

Who are you in need of?

A Gardener

Gardeners and groundskeepers differ from other landscape professionals because they don’t usually do any designing work. Their main goal is to maintain existing landscapes. They may also provide various services, such as applying pesticides and mowing lawns however these are not related to the primary objective of maintaining the existing spaces. Instead of requiring a deep understanding of horticulture and varieties of plants to be a professional, it’s more important to understand the ways that plants are able to grow naturally if you’re going into landscaping for work not simply because your yard requires attention!


Interior landscapers are general contractors who offer general maintenance and care, as well as give advice about the types of plants that can complement the interior of a building. Many interior landscapers offer advice on plant selection and supervision of the installation and tearing down of holiday decorations. While you don’t have to have background knowledge for interior design, you’ll benefit from being aware of patterns and colors which can be transformed into focal points that are a perfect match for stunning arrangements.


Landscapers may also provide additional services like sprinkler installation and hardscape construction when they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge. Landscape professionals should ensure that they have been certified by the licensing board of their state. Every state has its own set of requirements and each professional must meet the requirements before being granted licensure.

Landscape architect

A landscape architect plays an important role in the preservation of historic sites, as well. Landscape architects collaborate with builders to design and plan projects, such as subdivisions, college campuses, shopping centers, and golf courses. They create detailed drawings and tie the projects together. Landscape architects usually are experienced in particular kinds of projects, like the development of waterfronts and environmental remediation (e.g. conserving wetlands).

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