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Thrill & Views: Ride the Harissa Cable Car in Lebanon

Feb 28


Welcome to the breathtaking experience of riding the Harissa Cable Car in Lebanon! Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Lebanon, the Harissa Cable Car offers both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts an unforgettable journey. With panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, this iconic attraction promises an exhilarating adventure filled with awe-inspiring beauty.

In this article, we will delve into the details of what makes the Harissa Cable Car a must-visit destination. Whether you're planning your trip or simply curious about this remarkable attraction, read on to discover everything you need to know about riding the Harissa Cable Car.


Overview of Harissa Cable Car

Background Information

The Harissa Cable Car system, located in Lebanon, is a remarkable feat of engineering that provides visitors with a unique way to experience the beauty of the region. This aerial tramway offers unparalleled views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.

History and Significance

The Harissa Cable Car was established to provide convenient access to the iconic Our Lady of Lebanon statue located atop the Harissa mountain. Since its inception, the cable car has become an integral part of Lebanon's tourism industry, attracting visitors from around the world.

Notable Features

One of the most notable features of the Harissa Cable Car is its spectacular route, which takes passengers on a journey through the picturesque mountains of Lebanon. The cable car cabins offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside, providing passengers with an unforgettable experience.

In addition to its scenic beauty, the Harissa Cable Car is also renowned for its state-of-the-art engineering. The system is equipped with advanced safety features and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride for all passengers.


Route and Stations

Route Description

The Harissa Cable Car journey begins at the base station located at the foot of the Harissa mountain. From here, passengers embark on an exhilarating ascent towards the summit, where the iconic Our Lady of Lebanon statue awaits.

The cable car route takes passengers on a scenic ride through the rugged terrain of Lebanon's mountains, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside. As the cabins ascend higher, the panorama becomes increasingly mesmerising, providing passengers with a truly unforgettable experience.

Stations and Landmarks

Along the route, the Harissa Cable Car features several stations that serve as convenient points of access to key landmarks and attractions. The primary station is located at the base of the mountain, offering easy access to the cable car system.

As the cabins ascend, passengers will encounter intermediate stations that provide access to various points of interest along the route. These stations may include viewpoints, hiking trails, or other attractions that showcase the natural beauty of the region.

At the summit of the Harissa mountain, passengers disembark at the final station, where they can explore the grounds surrounding the Our Lady of Lebanon statue. From this vantage point, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a highlight of the cable car journey.


Ticketing and Operating Hours

Purchasing Tickets

Visitors can purchase tickets for the Harissa Cable Car at the ticket counters located at the base station. Alternatively, tickets can also be purchased online through the official website or various third-party booking platforms.

For added convenience, visitors are encouraged to book their tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons when demand is high.

Ticket Prices and Discounts

The ticket prices for the Harissa Cable Car may vary depending on factors such as age, group size, and time of visit. Standard adult fares typically cost 11 Lebanese pounds, while discounted rates may be available for children, seniors, and groups.

Additionally, visitors may be eligible for special discounts or promotions, especially during off-peak seasons or when purchasing tickets in advance. It's advisable to check the official website or inquire at the ticket counters for the latest pricing information and any available discounts.

Accepted Payment Methods

The Harissa Cable Car accepts various payment methods to accommodate the needs of visitors. Accepted forms of payment may include cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment options. Visitors are advised to check the payment options available at the ticket counters or online booking platforms prior to purchasing their tickets.

Operating Hours

The Harissa Cable Car operates daily, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience its breathtaking views throughout the year. The cable car typically operates from 10 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays, with extended hours on weekends and holidays.

It's important to note that the operating hours of the cable car may be subject to change depending on weather conditions, maintenance schedules, or other unforeseen circumstances. Visitors are advised to check the official website or contact cable car management for the latest information on operating hours before planning their visit.


Safety and Accessibility

Safety Measures

The safety of passengers is of paramount importance to the Harissa Cable Car. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and undergoes regular maintenance to ensure the highest safety standards. Trained personnel are stationed at each station to oversee operations and assist passengers as needed.

In the event of an emergency, passengers are provided with clear instructions on how to evacuate the cabins and exit the cable car system safely. Emergency contact information is prominently displayed throughout the stations for easy access.

Accessibility Features

The Harissa Cable Car is designed to be accessible to passengers with mobility challenges. Wheelchair-accessible cabins are available upon request, allowing individuals with disabilities to enjoy the stunning views and experience the thrill of the ride.

Additionally, the stations are equipped with ramps and lifts to facilitate easy boarding and disembarkation for passengers with mobility aids. Staff members are trained to assist passengers with disabilities and ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Guidance for Families and Elderly Visitors

Families with children and elderly visitors are welcome to enjoy the Harissa Cable Car experience. To ensure their safety and comfort, it's advisable to plan the visit during off-peak hours when crowds are minimal.

Parents should closely supervise their children during the ride and ensure that they remain seated at all times. For elderly visitors, it's recommended to take breaks if needed and to avoid overcrowded cabins for a more relaxed experience.

Overall, the Harissa Cable Car offers a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers of all ages and abilities, allowing everyone to create cherished memories amidst the stunning landscapes of Lebanon.


Tips for a Memorable Experience

Practical Tips

To make the most of your experience on the Harissa Cable Car, consider the following practical tips:

  • Arrive early to avoid long queues and secure your spot on the cable car.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, as temperatures may vary at different altitudes.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking views along the way.
  • Stay hydrated and carry snacks if needed, especially for longer rides.
  • Respect other passengers and follow the instructions provided by staff for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Best Times to Ride

The best times to ride the Harissa Cable Car for optimal views and fewer crowds are typically during weekdays, especially in the morning or late afternoon. Avoid peak tourist seasons, such as summer and holidays, when the cable car may experience heavier traffic.

For stunning sunset views, consider taking the last ride of the day, but be sure to check the operating hours beforehand.

Nearby Attractions

After enjoying the exhilarating ride on the Harissa Cable Car, why not explore some of the nearby attractions to complement your experience?

  • Visit the iconic Our Lady of Lebanon statue at the summit of the Harissa mountain for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Explore the charming town of Jounieh, located at the base of the mountain, and discover its bustling markets, historic sites, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Embark on a hiking adventure along the scenic trails surrounding the Harissa Cable Car, offering breathtaking views and opportunities to immerse yourself in nature.
  • Indulge in delicious Lebanese cuisine at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the area, and savour the authentic flavours of the region.

By following these tips and recommendations, you're sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience riding the Harissa Cable Car and exploring the stunning landscapes of Lebanon.


Cultural and Historical Significance

Cultural and Historical Significance

The Harissa Cable Car holds significant cultural and historical importance in Lebanon, serving as both a symbol of modern engineering and a gateway to the region's rich heritage.

Constructed in 1965, the cable car system has become an iconic landmark, attracting visitors from around the world to experience its breathtaking views and explore the surrounding landscapes.

Religious and Spiritual Connections

One of the most notable features of the Harissa Cable Car is its close proximity to the Our Lady of Lebanon statue, a revered religious symbol for the Lebanese people. Perched atop the Harissa mountain, the statue is a popular pilgrimage site and a source of spiritual inspiration for many.

For centuries, the site has been associated with devotion and prayer, drawing worshippers seeking solace and guidance. The cable car provides pilgrims and visitors with convenient access to the statue, allowing them to pay their respects and experience a sense of spiritual connection amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

Impact on Local Tourism and Economy

The Harissa Cable Car has had a significant impact on local tourism and the economy, driving growth and development in the region. By attracting visitors from across the globe, the cable car has helped to boost the tourism industry in Lebanon, generating revenue and creating employment opportunities for local residents.

In addition, the cable car has spurred the development of infrastructure and amenities in the surrounding areas, such as hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops, catering to the needs of tourists and enhancing their overall experience.

Overall, the Harissa Cable Car serves as a testament to Lebanon's cultural heritage and natural beauty while also contributing to the prosperity and vitality of the local economy.




From its awe-inspiring views to its rich cultural significance, the Harissa Cable Car in Lebanon offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages and interests. Throughout this article, we have explored the various aspects of the cable car system, from its history and route to its impact on local tourism and economy.

With its panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscapes, the Harissa Cable Car promises an exhilarating journey filled with wonder and excitement. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a nature enthusiast, or a pilgrim seeking spiritual solace, the cable car offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Reiteration of Allure

For those seeking adventure, the Harissa Cable Car provides an exhilarating ride through Lebanon's picturesque mountains, offering unparalleled views and an opportunity to connect with nature. Meanwhile, for those on a spiritual journey, the cable car offers convenient access to the revered Our Lady of Lebanon statue, providing a sense of tranquillity and reflection amidst the stunning scenery.

Encouragement to Visit

As you plan your next adventure, consider adding a visit to Lebanon and the Harissa Cable Car to your itinerary. Whether you're exploring the country's rich history and culture or simply seeking a thrilling escapade amidst breathtaking landscapes, the cable car promises an experience you won't soon forget. So pack your bags, embark on your journey, and prepare to be amazed by the beauty and excitement that await you on the Harissa Cable Car.