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Five Myths About Metal Roofing Debunked

Jan 10

Metal roofing has always been a popular choice in Pittsburgh However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any misconceptions floating around. We'll attempt to dispel these five common myths.

Metal Roofs Make Noise

Many people say that they like the sound and scent of rain falling on a tin roofing. We've had sheds in storms of rain and had to shout out in order to be heard above the noise. It's no surprise that metal roofing systems can be noisy. Contractor of Metal roofing Pittsburgh is not going to inform you that you won't know it's raining when it's a thunderstorm however, the noise won't be a problem that will interfere in the way you live. With insulated ceilings , and the roof space between your roof and itself, noise levels are at a minimum. The volume of the TV will not increase, but there would need to be severe hailstorms that keep you awake at night.

Metal Roofs Rust

Similar to saying that the sound of rain falling on metal roofs is quite loud, it's obvious that metal roofs rust - we've all witnessed them. How many roofs are damaged by rust? Corrugated iron is gone. It is now possible to get them painted with a regular coat of paint. The rusty roofs with peeling paint are well over 50 years old. They could have kept out the rain for as long as a century. The modern steel is more durable than their predecessors and it is extremely unlikely to notice the metal slowly corroding over your lifetime. So, yes, metal roofs eventually rust, but that is very much a problem for future generations.

Metal Roofs become too hot and cold

We've all heard about the way hot steel fence panels can be in the sunshine, and how cold they can feel during winter. After all, tin sheds can get extremely hot and really cold. Metal roofs reflect heat and won't take in the same amount of heat as tiled terracotta or concrete. The real advantage they have however, is that they can shed heat very quickly. Metal roofs cool quicker than tiles, and heat up quicker. Steel roofs are great for insulation and aren't subject to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Storms are not ideal for metal roofs

A flying roofing sheet made of iron is always a aspect of cyclones. Incorrectly or unintentionally installed roofing sheets aren't things that you would want to see during a severe storm, but you might be surprised to know that metal roofs are considered a good option, as long as they are properly secured. Another myth is that metal roofs are more prone to hail damage. Dents are common in extreme conditions, but those same conditions can cause cracks and cause tiles to break.

You can't Walk on Metal Roofs

It is not a problem to walk on roofs with metal, provided they're supported properly. Though they're not likely to suffer damage or dent however, we suggest that you wear a safety harness for your safety on roofs with pitched edges. Roofs aren't always safe to walk on.

The truth about modern metal roofing is that it's an exceptional and long-lasting roofing material without any serious downsides. No wonder it remains very popular.

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